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10 Travel Websites and Blogs We Love


Travel blogs and bloggers are everywhere in the world on the internet now. Everyone offers great tips about traveling or travel guides that will help his or her readers to make the most of his or her trip. There are solo travelers, couple travelers, sisters or brothers who travel together or even family travelers.
These blog sites and travel websites aim to convince everyone to travel and see the world, travel bloggers and writers shares their personal experience to spread out information and inspire readers that there are heaps of ways to explore the world.
I compiled 10 Best Travel websites and blogs based on their unique modes of traveling.

Nomadic Matt
Matt has been traveling for almost a decade now; he started traveling way before travel blogs became a huge melting pot for wanderlusters. He began his blog from scratch and started to share his travel experience. Matt offers tips about budget backpacking and tricks on the road. Now, he is a huge travel blogger and has published travel books and guides himself.

Goats of the Road
Nick and Dariece are Canadian couple who ditched their jobs, sold everything and walked away with the goal of traveling the world together. They set their mind with no nine-to-five job, no work desk, no bosses, and no debt. On their website, they offer guides on how to travel sustainably and make a stable income while traveling.

A Mary Road
Mary is a solo female traveler, but what’s unique about her? Mary is a secretive and spontaneous traveler; she never tells to her readers where she is heading next. Her blog site also features stories of other travelers too. She has a series where travelers with a unique way of traveling could share their story and inspire. She also has Backpacker’s Horror Stories where she publishes unexpected nightmares while traveling.

Adventurous Kate
Kate quit her job to travel the world alone. Her plan of 6 months traveling turned to almost five years on the road. She aims to help other travelers to go alone, safely and adventurously. Her travel blog which was just a hobby before turned into a full-time business. She loves to share not only the beautiful side of traveling but showcasing the truth and ugly side too!

A Luxury Travel Blog
While budget backpacking has been popping out from every corner, Paul, the traveler behind this blog site showcases the finer aspect of traveling the world. Of course, there is no wrong with backpacking, however, if you could afford, luxury traveling is an option too. He shares the most luxurious hotels and resorts around the world. He has the list of the best places to stay and the best places to eat to make sure that his readers will meet the expected paradise-like experience during their trip.

The Blonde Abroad
From working in corporate finance to a world traveler, since Kiersten left her desk, she has been to over 50 countries and has knocked some big adventures off her bucket list. She funds her traveling life through her website where she can make decent money to see the world.

Will Fly For Food
JB and Renee has a different approach of traveling; they fly everywhere if there are great food or foods to try. Considering themselves in the middle of the road travelers where they are neither a budget nor luxury travelers. From delicious to exotic dishes, they are willing to fly for that food. Their blog is full of travel stories and of course food stories too!

Our Awesome Planet
Our Awesome Planet is a family traveler; they guide their readers to travel our awesome world especially families. For sure, it is not easy to travel with kids; OAP is here to make sure you will have a great time traveling by giving tips and tricks. They also suggest great places to eat or must try dishes on each destination.

Swell Voyage
Captain Liz left port in 2005 and has sailed over 22,000 nautical miles. She is a surfer and environmentalist enchanted by remote waves and foreign cultures. Captain Liz documents her travels through her blog and indulges in the freedom of solitude and making choices based on weather and swell forecasts rather than itineraries.

Travels of Adam
Adam was a regular worker before he embarked on his greatest life decision – to travel. However, Adam travels on different pace; sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Sometimes, he also stays in one place for a while to work and to get the vibe of being a local. He offers a wide array of themes; from traveling, food, fashion, films and more.

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Michelle Rae

Michelle Rae

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