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8 Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare

Finding Cheap Airfare

1. Know your Geography:

This might seem a bit unusual and maybe even obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people do not know any more about the country they are visiting except for the city they are visiting. Do some research, and you might find that flying to a location nearby your destination and then taking another form of transportation to your ultimate destination, could literally cut the price in half.Utilize Search Engines for airfare

2. Utilize Search Engines:

Again, this might seem obvious. However, having patience with search engines is an excellent way to find the best flight. This could mean anything from searching for a one-way ticket versus a round-trip ticket, comparing various search engines on YOUR OWN, or trying several options within a search engine. Skyscanner has an option where you can put ‘Everywhere’ for your destination and see what comes up the cheapest. Hipmunk is cleanly organized. There are also budget websites like eDreams that have cheap flights. Sometimes, going to the airline’s actual site might present you with a better deal, too. Don’t settle until you get the cheapest flight.

 3. Be Flexible with Travel Dates:Be Flexible with Travel Dates

While this is not always an option for some, for others, it might be doable. Simply by changing your dates one or two days ahead or behind from your originally planned dates, might give you much different and cheaper results. Many airfare booking websites offer you this option when you search. Some websites, like Skyscanner, even show you a bar graph with which dates in the month are the cheapest to fly.

4. Be…Open-Minded:

Sure, not all of us like to wait in an airport for a 13-hour layover, but maybe we would if it could save us $400. While it might not always be the ideal way to travel, it certainly is the cheapest if you want to get where you are going and have extra spending money. Usually flights with one or two stops are a lot less expensive, and if you are the adventurous type, you can use the layover as an opportunity to leave the airport and check out a new city during your journey.

5. Check for Promotions and Deals:

Many airfare websites offer discounts if you know where to find them. Even just doing a Google search for ‘Promo Codes’ might get you somewhere. This could save you anywhere from $20, to even over $150 on your trip. Also, see if you can combine a flight-hotel deal and it might save you money and hassle.Frequent Flyer Miles

6. Use those Frequent Flyer Miles:

Some of the most avid travelers do not use their frequent flyer miles because they do not usually stick with the same airline. However, there are things like the SkyTeam or OneWorld, which is a team of numerous airlines that you can use frequent flyer miles for no matter what airline you fly. Don’t wait until your umpteenth flight to start keeping track of these goodies get on it from the start and you might be surprised at how many free miles you’ll get.

 7. Travel Reward Credit Cards:

There are some credit cards meant for travelers, where you can score a ton of points every time you book a flight. Eventually, you can use these points towards a future travel credit, or even redeem for cash and other things. Some cards even offer triple the amount of points if you book within the first month of signing up. Many of these cards are also interest-free for at least a year, too. Examples of great cards are the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Starwood Card from American Express, and even cards offered by specific airlines, such as the AAdvantage Card. Many of these cards do not have foreign transaction fees, either.

8. Mistake Fares and ‘Secret Websites’:

Many times an airline might get a glitch in their system which causes ridiculously cheap prices for flights to be released, or times when airlines just offer sweet deals for the heck of it. So, there are of course websites that specialize in catching these deals right away. These sites include DealRay, Skiplagged, Airfarewatchdog, and The Flight Deal. There are even websites like Jumpflight where people sell flights they were not able to use, and Award Wallet, which will monitor all your airfare, hotel, and credit card rewards in one place.

What other ways do you use to find cheap airfare? Comment below and let us know so we can Go! See! Learn!

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