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Ten Tips for Females Traveling Solo


Solo Travel TipsOkay, so you are a brave, adventurous female. You are independent and driven, a go-getter and a risk-taker. You are perfectly aware that it can be a very scary world out there. However, you know that you have a good head on your shoulders, and you are 100% capable of traveling to a new place without anything happening to you.

All the concerns we have as women when we are traveling solo are legitimate and shouldn’t be something we are afraid to acknowledge. In fact, the more we recognize it, the better we are when it comes to facing our fears. So here are ten tips I have as a solo female traveler:

1)    Traveling by Yourself

You become empowered when you travel by yourself. You are never really alone when you travel because there will always be someone else traveling by themselves too. This just might be the most eye-opening experience of your life.

2) Give Someone at Home Your Travel Plans

Give a basic itinerary to someone you trust back at home. If you can, get a small prepaid phone and a list of emergency numbers (including translating hotlines), in case you get into trouble. If you are a US citizen, you can register with the STEP Traveler Program. This will enable the embassy to know where you are and can contact you if there is some bigger issue.

3) Staying in Safe Places

Just because you are traveling alone as a woman, doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the fun and spontaneity of hostels. There are many hostels that are only for women, and other hostels that have separate sleeping places for women. If hostels are not your thing, then pick a reputable hotel that has good ratings.

4) Meeting People

There are many ways to meet other travelers. Do some sightseeing in a pre-arranged tourist group. Of course, as a solo traveler, just be aware of your surroundings at all times.

5) Trust Your Gut

If it smells fishy, it is fishy! If someone approaches you and you feel uncomfortable, keep walking and ignore them. Don’t worry about offending anyone.

6) Valuables

Don’t be a pick pocket target! Keep your valuables tucked away and only bring them out when you are going to use them. Be aware that items such as cell phones can be grabbed right out of your hand.

7) Minimize Risk

Be safe and use common sense when going out at night. Don’t walk by yourself at night, instead make arrangements for a taxi. Let the hotel desk or hostel know where you are going and ask for areas to avoid.Avoid any sketchy looking areas and don’t trust every person you meet right off the bat.

8) Emergency phrases

This is more than asking for the bathroom! Learning key phrases in the language to where you are traveling to will enable you to ask for the help you need in case an emergency happens.

9) Confidence

Be sure to look confident in everything that you do. Most criminals will target those who look weak and vulnerable, so be sure to carry yourself in a manner that says you know what you are doing and where you are going. Be alert!

10) Make Copies of Your Travel Documents

In case of the unmentionable of lost travel documents, make photocopies or store electronically on your laptop or in a cloud-based storage like Dropbox. If you lose your passport, this can ease the hassle of obtaining a replacement while traveling.

What other safety tips do you have? Comment below and let us know so we can Go! See! Learn!

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Michelle Rae

Michelle Rae

Michelle Rae is the creator of The Traveling Vixen, which captures her adventures around the world. Her passion is to inspire others to grow by experiencing and learning new things in the world.

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