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How to Create Your Travel Bucket List and How to Achieve It

In this generation, technology, and the internet makes traveling a lot easier. You will see your friends setting off somewhere to go travel for a couple of weeks whereas some of them are trying to at least cross one or two off their travel bucket list. Have you been fancying making your travel bucket list […]

10 Safety Tips for Driving in a Foreign Country

By Danny Kaine Traveling abroad is without a doubt an adventure, but driving abroad is a whole other story. When you decide to get behind the wheel in a foreign country, you not only get to experience sites, you also get to experience foreign traffic laws (or lack thereof). When preparing to travel most people […]

Solo Traveler Tips for AirBnb and Uber

As a Solo Traveler You May Want To Use AirBnB and Uber. They Could Be Safer than Hotels and Taxis. By Danny Kaine I travel extensively with my job, and I am always conscious of the fact that tourists and business travelers are often identified and targeted at their hotel, and/or followed once they get […]

3 Most Frightening Travel Disasters

Untimely disasters, big or small, can ruin even the best-laid travel plans, and not thinking about them will not prevent their happening. It is, therefore, important to have a way to deal with travel tragedies no matter how prepared you are for your upcoming trip. With adequate preparation, you can ease your pain, save time […]

Little Known Ways to Getting Around London

Despite London being a small part of the UK, London itself is quite a large city, with many places to go and many sights to see. London is known for its ‘Underground’, the subway system that many Brits complain about, and many foreigners cannot wait to experience on their trips to London. London has many […]

Here’s a Quick Way to Know Where to Stay in a City

When traveling to a new city that you’ve never visited before, sometimes the hardest part can be figuring out where to stay. A lot goes into deciding what hotel is best, whether it is the price, the amenities, the cleanliness, or the staff. After booking the flights, the passports are ready, and the countdown begins, […]

The Best Way to Get Around in Athens

There is a lot to see in Athens, Greece, and a little over ten years ago, getting around wasn’t such an easy task. Nowadays, the public transportation measures up to any other famous city, and the affordable prices and convenience allow it to be utilized everywhere in Athens and the surrounding areas. Be informed about […]

Top 8 Best Websites to Find Accommodations

Finding accommodations is certainly a lot easier these days than it was long ago. There are many ways to book accommodations, how can one possibly choose which websites are the best or most reliable? How does one know if the reviews on a hotel are accurate? Alternatively, what if you have no idea what you […]

8 Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare

1. Know your Geography: This might seem a bit unusual and maybe even obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people do not know any more about the country they are visiting except for the city they are visiting. Do some research, and you might find that flying to a location nearby your destination and […]